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Women tend to think items at T.J.Maxx are last season, damaged, or lower quality, but this is not true. So to convince women that items at T.J.Maxx are current season and top quality we had to give them a reverse sticker shock experience. To do this, we created The Game Of Maxximizing; like the classic “guess-how-many-jelly-beans-are-in-the-jar” game.

The Game of Maxximizing was a coast-to-coast experience brought to life through T.J.Maxx's retail philosophy. Participants were invited to visit the pods in real life (or on Instagram), snap a picture, and guess how much they thought the collections were worth. The closest guesses each day were rewarded with the value of the pod collection. 

We collaborated with a series of influencers; each one of them put their own spin on a Maxximize pod by creating a private Pinterest board as a visual styling moodboard. We then worked with T.J.Maxx professional shoppers to bring their moodboard to life with T.J.Maxx merch. These pieces then became the featured items in each pod.

Co-creators: Haye Anderson, Anna Wingard

Kristen Kusterer, Brett Burton, Erika Tarte, Janeen Ritson, Shiran Teitelbaum 

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